Up On Duncan Hill

I inherited some land, cleared a spot, and put up a trailer! Follow me through my journey of Real Country Living! I enjoy helping beginning gardeners and self-proposed brown thumbs! Welcome!

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5 Steps to Start Your Container Garden

  1. Choose a location
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  3. Choose your soil
  4. Choose your plants 
  5. Choose your fertilizer

What is a Garden Zone?

What is my garden zone
squash plants


Dad's peas and butterbeans


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Marcie Pratt
Marcie Pratt

Hello, I'm glad you're here!

Hey! I'm Marcie! I am a tree hugging, hippy gardener and I live in a small town in rural Mississippi. I love to cook and garden here in my little corner of the internet! Welcome! I like to help people that struggle with gardening and cooking too!


I love to cook! Especially with produce from my garden.

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