Hello there! Welcome to my plant world!  My name is Marcie and I love to help beginning gardeners and their children grow beautiful plants! YES! Your kids! Get them out in the yard and grow something! My mission is to help you start your own garden whether you have a small balcony to work with or even if you have a much larger space.  I have a passion for growing plants and helping others accomplish their garden goals using simple and easy methods. Let's make use of what you have available and get to planting!!

We have begun our journey into the life of country living.  It has been a long process, but we made it!  Let’s dive in and see what we’re doing in West Point, MS!

Hi, I’m Marcie! Join my life-partner Tim and I on our journey and exploration of country living.  Country living is not new to me, as I grew up out in the country in a small town called West Point.  It’s in the northeast corner of Mississippi, 3 hours south of Memphis.  Elvis was born in a town called Tupelo just 45 minutes north of here.  West Point has a population of about 10,000. And we have more than one stop sign and stoplight! 

I was born and raised in West Point, MS.  I graduated college from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Geological Sciences.  I met a man, moved to Phoenix, Arizona and got married. In 2005, I had my son, D.J., and then I went back to school and attended University of Phoenix where I graduated with a Master of Arts in Elementary Education. I was a teacher for 10 years.  I taught various grades throughout the years, but the last 6 years was spent teaching Jr High Science.  I got divorced, and in November of 2019, I left the teaching profession and Phoenix, packed a bag and moved back home.  I truly believe the Lord delivered from teaching in the pandemic.  I give major kudos to all those teachers and my friends that did it.  They walk on water! I currently work for a finance company, mostly processing loans.  I met Tim on Facebook Dating in November of 2021.  Tim is from Kentucky.  He works at an auto shop and is a service writer.  We were  just 2 old hippies that dreamed of living in the woods, out in the country.  So we began our search for land to build a house.   

My family has about 100 acres of pastures, my parents currently live there too. It was looking like it would cost quite a bit to get started, but then my Dad stepped in and offered us a solution, he gave us some land!  So, we bought a trailer, bulldozed my Grandparents old house, set it on fire, then buried the remains in the backyard.

Located across the pasture from where I grew up, we started with a piece of land that already had my deceased grandparent’s house on it.  My Dad said that would be the best place to put a trailer since the electricity hookup was already there.  We had the land cleared and the house burned down with the remnants being buried in our backyard. We also had to purchase a septic tank, the other one was not usable.  We couldn’t get our electricity turned on unless we had a certificate from the state health department to present to the city clerk.  We purchased the trailer back in May of 2022, we moved in about the 3rd week in October, that was a long and daunting process.  

One of the things I like about living in the country is the opportunity to see wildlife up close. Squirrels, deer, raccoons, armadillos and even coyotes are regular visitors to our property. It's fun when you get to sit and watch it all take place right in your own backyard. As we all know West Point  is not a big city but I feel like we have it pretty good here. A great place to live with lots of open skies, roaming cows, and plenty of fresh air!

I live in a small town called West Point, in  a rural community in Mississippi, so everyone knows everyone here. As we get to know each other, I will show you everything about our life here on the hill.

I am basically starting over. I grew up in this area and left for Arizona when I was 23, I am now 46 and back in Mississippi starting a new chapter. I gardened a lot while I was in Arizona and I have advice for growing plants in a desert as well!

This is my Grandparent's house before we had it torn down, burned, and then buried. It has been empty for years, and I inherited land here.

In the beginning…

This was the day we had the house demolished then burned. They buried what would not burn in a hole behind the trailer that now sits in its place.

It is the end of her house, and the beginning of our journey.

Our house

Here we go! The beginning of our journey into Country Living, Up on Duncan Hill. I named our establishment Duncan Hill because Duncan is my maiden name, which was my Grandparent's last name.

This is the day we got the trailer set up and installed.